I know that the idea of working with an interior designer online is new and that means there are a lot of questions regarding the process. I’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked questions here.  I know doing business online can seem removed from the personal touch you would expect from such a personalized task as designing your home. I understand the need for connection to your designer. If you don’t see your order related question answered below or you just want to know there is a real person behind the website, please feel free to call me at 505-670-9885. I are happy to answer any order related questions prior to you placing your order. If you reach voicemail, please leave me a message and I will promptly return your call.
 1. Will I be working one on one with an interior designer?
Yes. None of the Boxes are pre-designed. I will be working with you one-on-one. I will work with you over the phone, email or even via Skype. The goal is to give you the direction and confidence to create the experience you are looking for in your space. I will work with you to define your style, budget your project and help you spend your money wisely. I will save you time and aggravation and educate you throughout the entire design process to help you avoid costly mistakes.
 2. How can you create a custom design for me without seeing my space or meeting me personally?
The advances of technology have made things very possible for interior designers to work with clients over the internet. Times are changing and so is the way interior design is delivered.  My questionnaires have been specifically designed for each Box so that I can get to know you and your space. Together with the rough sketches of the room, measurements and photos that you provide, I have a solid place to start our work from. In addition to that, each Box comes with a consultation via phone, Skype or FaceTime so that I can clarify any questions. I welcome and encourage inspiration photos you’ve found online as well.  The more info you send the better I get to know you and your style preferences.
 3. How do I determine my style?
It starts by giving you some homework. We begin with the questionnaires that will start you thinking and also give me some insight into where to guide your attention for exploring your design style. I encourage you to explore design magazines, blogs and other online resources. Houzz and Pinterest are great places to start. You can follow me on Pinterest and use the Design Style boards to explore the images I’ve collected that beautifully illustrate the various design styles. I encourage you to collect and share as many photos as you can with elements that speak to you so that I can get a sense of your style and aesthetic. Don’t worry! Its easier than it seems.
 4. Can some of my existing furniture pieces be incorporated in the design plan?
Absolutely! The first goal is to include the elements you’re most interested in holding on to and showing you how to make them come together. That might include supplementing them with new items or just re-working the way they are used. It’s your preferences and budget that dictate how I put together your Box.
 5. What kind of photos and measurements do you need from me?
The more photos of the space you send, the better. Try to photograph the room from different angles and record your measurements of the windows and door openings. I will send you a worksheet and how-to-guide that will help you.
 6. If I have an open floor plan and two rooms are combined, which room do I select first?
For our Interior Elements, you could work on 1 space at a time, selecting the one that either needs the most help or is used most often. However, it will be important for you to show me in your sketch and photos where the two rooms transition. In the case of a Rooms Box, I strongly suggest you purchase a design plan for both spaces.  Spaces which open into one another tend to feel like a single space, and it’s not possible to truly transform the look without taking into consideration everything your eye sees in its single view. I know budgets can be tight, so if it can’t be done in a single purchase, then you would want to start where you spend the most time or need the most help and then the next project to plan for would be the adjoining space.
 7. Do you work within the budget given to spend on the plan you’ve designed?
Absolutely! I can work within just about any budget. That said, a big part of our initial Consultation Call will be talking about a realistic budget for your expectations. Custom details from private design vendors will cost a bit more, and retail items will be less.  I actually pride myself in create the room experience you are are looking for without spending any more money than necessary. I believe a lot can be done with a little – without sacrificing style, function, or quality.
 8. Will I be able to purchase the items you recommend directly?
Yes! I source from many of the commonly available retailers (West Elm, CB2, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Pier One, even IKEA) Many of these have online stores, if they don’t have stores in your local market. I also research what is available to you and make sure and include that in the resources. Secondly, I provide you education that will help you spot a similar item that will work even if you are at a local flea market or garage sale.
 9. Will you make changes to my plan if I don’t like something you’ve selected?
Three revisions are included per Box purchased. Any additional design revisions can be arranged at a hourly consultation rate. A ‘revision’ is defined as re-selecting one item. For example, one chair, one lamp or one color on a Color Plan.
10. Once I have my plan, am I able to ask follow-up questions?
Absolutely! I hope that you do.  For Interior Element Boxes, I will touch base with you via email once I know you have your Box in hand to see if you have any questions.
For Room Boxes, each one includes a Follow Up Consultation, via telephone, Skype or FaceTime, to walk you through your new plan and answer any questions.
11. How can you guarantee that the paint colors and fabrics will look good in my home?
As far as the paint is concerned we strongly recommend sampling paint colors on your wall before you commit to any color. I will send you a small color jar of 1 or 2 colors that I think you should “try-on”. But you can also go get small cans of the other colors on your plan from your local supplier. Please keep in mind that choosing the right paint color can sometimes be a process. The light in your house changes through out the day and until you see that color at those different times, you just won’t know. However, I am confident that I can guide you in the right color direction.
Most companies will send out fabric samples. As part of the services, I will make the sample requests and when available, the fabric will be sent directly to you.
12. Can I purchase a Box as a gift?
Boxes make great gifts! They make perfect housewarming or newlywed gifts. After you receive your email confirming your purchase, please contact me with your order number and the name of the person you would like to give the package to.
13. Where are you able to sell Boxes?
Online services are offered throughout the US.  At this time we do not offer online services elsewhere.

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