Window Dressing Plan

Window Dressing Plan



The windows in a room serve lots of practical functions, but they also are a significant visual element to the room and how they are dressed can make or break a room.


The Window Dressing Plan is as easy as:

1. Complete the design questionnaires to tell us about you, your home / lifestyle and the room you need help with.

2.  Have a 30-minute phone, Skype or Facetime Consultation Call with us. 

3.  2-3 weeks after your Consultation Call, Receive 2 suggested window treatments per window that have been developed just for you.  


Your personalized Window Dressing Plan comes with:

  • 2 Design Cards Per Window – complete with sketch, description and color details.
  • Shopping Resources for all the elements shown.
  • Links to helpful guides if you are a DIYer looking to create the treatments yourself.

Additional information

Number of Windows in Single Space

Up to 3, 4 or More

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