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Photo Measures App LogoPhoto Measures by Big Blue Pixal, Inc.

As described on Itunes, Photo Measures “is the most elegant and the easiest way to save measures on your own photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!” Well, I couldn’t agree more.This app lets you take a picture and then draw dimensions right on top of the image.


The old way of doing things was to draw a quick sketch. Then draw in measurements. Then try to decipher it all later or remember exactly what the space looks like. Adding the information right on top of the photo solves that problem. It also means that the information is always with you (as long as your phone is one you). Which means that when you are at a store and find something you “think” might fit, you can double check it.
You also have the ability to share the photos with measurements and notes with other people; like your family, contractor, handy-man or best friend. You can quickly email them as JPEG or PDF.
The app also keeps your images organized by type or project; which makes finding it again super easy.
How I love using it:
I recently wanted to add a small flat screen TV to a corner of a home gym. I also wanted to see about possibly adding some shelving. Since it wasn’t certain where the TV or the mount or the shelf would be purchased (possibly all at different places).  Photo Measures came to the rescue!
I quickly opened up the app, snapped a picture of the area in the room, and added the measurement I needed to remember. This meant that the information was quickly accessible as I came across the needed elements.

It also works the other direction… You’re at the store and find something that you really love and hope that it will fit into that 1 corner of the dining room. So.. flip out your Photo Measures and capture it so that you can go home and verify before you buy.

This was the first design app that I got and I have used it ever since. If you wish you could remember sizes for things either at home or at the store, then this is the app for you.

(For Iphone, Ipad or Itouch)


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